SRI SHANKARALINGA BHAGAWAN a unique Brahmajnani of Karnataka was inheritor of thapasya from Sri Narasimha Saraswathi of Ganagapur (Datta pantha) Sri Brahmachaitanya (Sri Ramadasa pantha) and Sri Shivachidambara of Murugod (Chidambara pantha).


"I will liberate my disciple within seven births"

"I never forget my Bhaktas. Where is the possibility of forgetting, when Guru himself, is awareness"

"The Gurubhakthas never come to grief. The Guru guards them and protects them from all evil."

"Sri Dattamahaguru is all powerful to ward off the calamities or problems that afflict the true and loving devotees"

"There is no distinction between the (Guru's) Name and the Form (of the Guru). Chanting the name of the Guru congeals itself into Dhyana."

"Once Bhakthi is reposed in Guru, it shouldn't revert into Abhakti."

"At the feet of the Guru (Guru sannidhi), there are no Do's and Dont's"

"Through ceaseless 'Gurubhakthi' and 'Namajapa', surrenderring the entire set of Happiness and sorrow to Athmarama, be joyful forever"

"Guru is like a mother to all; he will not forsake you; it's enough if you trust him and have faith in him. Your trust and faith will protect you"

"If you do Rama's (God's or Guru's) work, Rama will do yours"



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