Malenahalli is at a distance of 2 km to Nulenur. There is an ancient Temple (believed to be constructed prior to 6th Century). The main Deity at this temple, “Sri Lakshmi Ranganatha” is the Family Deity of Appa. He was born by the grace of this Lord and also begot the name “Ranganatha” or simply “Rangappa”. When Appa was Shanbhog in Nulenur he used to daily walk to the Temple at 3 am, do Yogasadhana and come back before Sun rise. On one such day the Lord appeared before him and blessed him. The song "Kayabekelo Ranga Kayabekelo" was sung by Appa in front of Ranganatha. This is also the place where Appa had taken up Sanyasahrama (Renunciation) and got the title "Sri Shankaralinga Bhagavan Saraswathi Paramahamsaru". The actual place is located behind the Shrine of the Goddess Lakshmi.