Chidambaramma, daughter of Narayana Jois (Son of Virupaksha Jois) was given in marriage to Shankarappa of Gunderi Shanbhog family of Holalkere (a town in Chitradurga dist.). They had two sons: Rangappa and Krishnappa. Krishnappa became a leading Shanubhog (Village accountant) of Holalkere Taluk. He lived in an undivided family of forty persons. Krishnappa had no children. As per the instructions of Lord Vinayaka in his dreams, he went to Malenahalli with his wife Subbamma and worshipped Sri Lakshmi Ranganatha of Malenahalli for one year. The lord presented himself in a dream and blessed him with a son.

Subbamma had a vision of Lord Ganapathi who assured her that she would beget a son who would become a famous Guru.

The couple got their first son on 21-8-1880. He was named Ranganatha after their family God. The birth chart (horoscope) of Ranganatha indicated that
(a) He had hamsa yoga - one of the five auspicious Panchamahapurusha yogas.
(b) He would relinquish all wealth and luxuries
(c) He would be eligible for Brahmavidya.
(d) He would become a sanyasin.
(e) He would become an Avadhutha
(f) He would be revered by all.
(g) He would engage himself in Brahmavichara before giving up his body.