Jayanthi of Shankara Bhagavan

Shankaralinga's fame spread far and wide. People from all around flocked to him. Some wanted guidance in the Sadhanas. A majority of people were either grief stricken or suffering from incurable diseases. Shankaralinga blessed them all.

He told them all "Live an honest and pious life. Practise Gurubhakti. It will be meaningful only if you develop Viveka and Vairagya (discernment of what is permanent & what is transient and renunciation). He visited Lokikere and stayed there for seventeen days, giving Bodha continuously. Then, he went to Honnali to his brother Shankarappa's house. His brother had ailed from jaundice. Shankaralinga had given darshan to Bhimacharya in a dream and suggested a simple medicine. This had cured his brother.

Shankaralinga visited Bhimacharya along with his brother. Bhimacharya was overjoyed. He washed his feet, took the thirtha, took him inside his home and seated him suitably. He said "you had given me darshan in dream, thus curing your brother of his fatal disease. Now that you have actually come here I cannot guess what benefit I will accure. It is very kind of you to come to my home." Shankaralinga said "Guru or God has no desire, but to be vanquished by the love of a Bhakta. It happened in case of Bhishma and Sri Krishna. Bhishma had taken an oath to make Krishna wield his chakra to fight. He did so. Krishna, unable to bear the pain of Bhishma's arrow, held the Sudarshana and went to kill Bhishma. But he could do nothing" So saying Shankaralinga recited and interpreted the concerned chapter of Kumaravyasa Bharata. Bhimachar went into a state of ecstasy and said "Ranganna you are a Paramabhagavatha. You have cultivated Bhakthi which is the sum total of Bhakthi of Dhruva, Prahlada, Ambarisha, Vibhishana and all the great Bhaktas".

Shankaralinga returned to Nulenur and went to Hosadurga at the behest of Sri Dattarajayogendra to participate in Aradhana Saptaha of Sahajananda. There were some men asked Dattaraja Yogindra to give upadesha he said. He said "He (Shankaralinga) has taken all the treasure from me. I am reduced to be an empty box. Take upadesha from him." Shankaralinga decided to celebrate the Jayanthi of Sri Shankara Bhagawan. For this purpose he went towards Jagalur to collect seva. He visited Sokke, Hosakere, Gunasagar, Mangapur and other villages. While He was there, Gundappa son of Nanjundappa of Bharamasagara went in search of him. He could see Him at Gunasagara, where He gave updesha. After giving updesha Shankaralinga's eyes were filled with tears. Seeing this Gundappa cried loudly.
Shankaralinga: “why are you crying?”
Gundappa: “I saw tears in your eyes. This made me cry.”
Shankaralinga: I had seen you as Abaji, an accountant of Shivaji, when I was Ramadas. Seeing you after so many years, my eyes were filled with tears.

Shankaralinga visited Bavanekal, a village near Gunasagara. A majority of villagers were Muslims. They greeted him. Shankaralinga spoke in fluent Urdu and gave them the message of Quran. They said "the prophet has sent this Rangappa swamy." Returning to Lokikere, Shankaralinga visited Miyapur. SubbaBhatta and his brother had seen him at Lokikere. He had said to them "you treat me although you have seen me now. But I am with you since six months prior to this”. They, the, recollected that they had discovered an Audumbara sapling in their backyard. It is stated in Sri Gurucharitra that Sri Guru resides in Audumbara. The Jayanthi of Shankara Bhagavan was celebrated in all solemnity. Bhajans, pravachans and mass feeding marked the Jayanthi.

During this Jayanthi, Anaji Ramanna (brother in law of Rangappa) took upadesha from Shankaralinga. Bhaktas of Lokikere rendered unstinted service through out. After the Jayanthi, Shankaralinga visited Thippapura, during Aradhana Saptaha of Shankara Bhagavan. The Gurubandhus greeted him whole-heartedly. After the Aradhana Shankaralinga gave some Seva to the Ashram and came to Nulenur.

Janamma, from Holalkere, was a niece of Shankaralinga. She was widowed when she was young and engaged herself in service and worshipping of God and Gurus. She was given upadesha by Samartha Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj. She went to Nanjangud and returned to Holalkere. She had a dream on that day. Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj and Brahmananda appeared in her dream. Brahmachaitanya said "I am Brahmananda" and entered his body. Brahmananda (of Beladadi) entered the body of Shankaralinga saying "I am He." She had seen Shankara Bhagavan and Dattarajayogendra prior to this. She left her home, came and stayed with Shankaralinga.